Aceso Background

Aceso was my year-long self-directed grad project. I choose to focus on a topic dear to my heart, chronic pain, specifically in women. This was still a fairly large problem sphere, so after much research, I decided to focus on improving communication between doctors and patients, specifically female patients with chronic pain. 


This page showcases a couple of excerpts from this large project, the first being a video that shows a summary of the project and the final app design. The key concept behind the app was to create a system of communication that allowed female patients to control the narrative with which they described and documented their pain, which could later be translated and simplified for medical professionals. 


Design Proces

These next images showcase the development of the branding, specifically the logo. As it was a year-long project, I had my general focus on chronic pain and women very early on. I wanted a logo that included a medical feature but had bold and inviting colours. The branding was also designed so that it also lends itself to transitioning into a campaign eventually with the bright and bold colours. The early versions are simple, and I wanted to create a logo that had a tech appearance, which is where the 3D aspect entered. 


The last step for the branding of this project, although usually the first, was the name. I struggled for months trying to find a name that I felt was simple and direct, yet had some relationship to either women, empowerment, education or medicine. Although slightly obscure, the goddess Aceso is the greek goddess of healing, which for me made the perfect connection to my key concepts. This connection although not directly interpreted by the audience was important for me, and the short direct nature of the name made it perfect.

Aceso Exhibit

These final images are of the presentation of the grad show. They showcase the physical takeaways created and the set up of the presentation. I am in the process of creating a more in-depth case study that will showcase more research and process for this project.