BCCDC FounDation Website REdesign


The BCCDC Foundation was updating their website with the goal to make their information more accessible to both younger audiences and audiences less familiar with science jargon.

Check out the site here: 



This was a team project together with Celine Hong bringing our graphic design and UX/UI experience together.


Celine Hong: https://www.celinehong.com/ 

Design Process

The site was built using WordPress and WordPress themes as a building tool, but a lot of the construction was done using both HTML and CSS. The BCCDC Foundation had brand guidelines that we used to build a website presence.

Website Architecture

The site was restructured to make pages and information more accessible. Rather than having several pages with little information, we chose to create longer divided skyscraper pages that were easily accessible through the menu. This allowed us to group information and make the site easier to navigate.

Website Design

We implemented a distinct design style to create cohesion for the entire site. Bolder colours and photos to make the information more appealing and less overwhelming. The buttons, icons, large headings create a more youthful site, it is welcoming and inviting, which was the goal for this redesign.