Lumi Branding

Lumi Background

Lumi was a client project where a partner and I created the branding for a medical app that aimed to assist in the diagnosis of children with sleep disorders. This project required a lot of research, which included competitive research, medical research, technology and app development research. This branding sought to emphasize calm energy and enlightenment that stem from the sleep and medical nature of the app. We wanted to also highlight a fun, approachable nature, which is why we decided to use brighter colours. The client wanted to avoid direct sleep connotations, so we decided to use the educational portion of the concept to inspire the key concept of enlightenment.


This was my first introduction to branding and it taught me the necessity of research, collaboration, strong brand values and passion for the creation of a cohesive brand. Having the opportunity to work with the client, and discuss ideas was crucial to this process and helped us learn the process of working with people from other fields of work and the necessity for compromise and understanding.