Paddle The PNW

Paddle the PNW BAckgrounD

Paddle the PNW is a company that offers Stand up paddleboard lessons and tours around the pacific north-west. Diane Kiss the founder, worked with the SFU radius program to build her startup. I was fortunate to see her growth through the program and offered my design services to help her create a logo to represent the growing company and its values.

To learn more or to go on a paddleboarding trip visit:

Project Goals

The goal was to create a logo that included a visual icon representation for SUP, native-inspired patterns and the whole company name. The target audience is young adults who are interested in nature, experiences, and adventure.

We decided that a modern, minimal illustrative approach was the best way to go. The goal was to create something bold, but also welcoming and adventurous. 

design Process

This project had a very clear target audience and aesthetic from the beginning, which simplified the design process. I started by creating lots of different digital rough sketches playing with visual and text-based logos.

We found that we liked the circles and some illustration elements but that the text had to be the focus of the logo. We played with different typefaces with more character but found it to distract from the visual elements, and create something a little too crowded. We landed on a mix of a bold typeface and a softer script typeface to create some visual interest. The end result is a logo that is simple and modern, whilst including the fun, adventurous spirit of the Diane and her company.