Spring Impact Report


Spring is a company that works with startups to help them grow and develop and reach their goals. I was put in contact with them to help them design their impact report, where they highlight their company story, success, challenges and impact. 

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I really enjoy working on reports, I enjoy taking large bodies of texts, and making them visually appealing, more manageable to read and exciting for the target audience. Reports such as this one allow me to work on branding, publications, and infographics all at the same time.

This report was fun as they had nothing previous to build from, so everything was made from scratch. Building layouts and exploring the best ways to divide, and present the information was challenging at times. As there were no previous projects to reference for branding styles, I built my own for this project, taking key colours for the company and building a system for within the report. The typography hierarchy stays consistent throughout the text and infographics in the report, creating cohesion. The overall goal was to keep the report light and clean, which was done using lots of negative space, light typefaces, and simple and friendly icons and infographics.