Whole Human Branding


Whole Human is a project started by Pamela Lincez.​ There are several branches within the company but the overarching goal is to make science more accessible to the masses.

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Design ProCess

This was a challenging but exciting project. The directive was to create a brand identity for the whole human and all its branches. Each of which would fit the brand guideline but have their own identity as well. 

We started by playing around with having different icons but the same colour scheme then flipped that and decided it was more cohesive to have one icon and differentiate between the branches using colours. 

The keywords for this project were wholistic, friendly, 

We decided early on that we liked the use of circles. We believe that they perfectly represent the three separate branches within the whole human, the unity between them and the holistic nature of the company.

The colours were chosen for their bright fun nature, something that makes the brand seem more inviting, which was important for the client.

Brand Guideline

The brand guideline was requested by the client, to create a cohesive brand identity. The guideline overviews the logo, typography, and all their uses. This brand guideline should be extended to cover the assets and branches at a later date.